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Bible Study Goes Green

Genesis 1:28a
28God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”

We as humans have been issued a decree to be fruitful and to subdue. Fruitfulness in this verse is separated from “increasing in number,” which is the way we usually tend to interpret it. What then does “fruitful” imply?

Consider plants: They grow from a seed, produce leaves and fruit, and eventually die out. Scientists would have us to believe that the earth formed of its own accord, diversifying by some complex method of chance, but why would a plant produce fruit, which serves no purpose in the life of the plant itself? What good is their fruit if it does not keep them from dying?

God’s design does not involve any creature solely serving its own purpose; the intricate inter-workings of the Creation are innumerable. Every plant uses nutrients from the land to It only follows that at the close of those six incredible days God would instruct His ultimate creation, man, to do likewise – live to benefit the rest of the earth. As plants spend their span of existence producing fruits to feed God’s creatures and seeds to multiply, we are to focus our lives on passing on the blessings we receive from our Creator.

The verse also urges us to subdue…

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