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By Nathan Goeddertz, Natasha Davis, and Casey Church – © 2002

What do we say
When an angel’s taken away, away
What can we do
When we lose one so true
On our own we’ll never understand
We must give it all to You

Cause he’s living in us
Breathing in us
Loving in us
Growing in us

He’s living in us
Breathing in us
Loving in us
Growing in us

Taken from Earth
To live in Heavenly light
In our hearts
Every day every night

Living in me
And watching over us all
Always there for us
If ever we fall

Chorus: (2 times)

Up in Heaven
Is where we’ll meet again
We’ll all be there
Dancing with Jesus, our friend

What a wonderful time
We’ll have that day
When we meet again
At Heaven’s gate.

Chorus: (fade to end)

RIP Joshua Blake Hargrove
Apr. 9, 1984 – June 22, 2002
We Love You!

I Fell On My Knees
By Joshua Hargrove, Nathan Goeddertz, and Kyle Melancon © 04/28/02

I fell on my knees
I fell on my knees (again and again)
For You my Heavenly Father

I fell on my knees (again)
‘Cause You’re all I need

I praise Your name (my lord and my king)
Im so glad you came (make my heart to sing)

I get on my knees
To praise your name
You are not a game
I get on my knees
To lift your name

Lord, come, help us Father
Lord, come, and be our Friend

This was composed by Joshua, Nathan, and Kyle in late April 2002 and partially recorded with the three of them in Joshua’s room into a wave file on April 30 2002.

Audio file – I Fell On My Knees

Audio file – Full recording

Don’t Cry Mom and Dad
By Jarod Barclay – © 06/24/02
A note from Mom

Just stopped by to hold you tight
In case you’re missing me tonight
I’m right here, don’t be staring at a frame

Don’t be sad, don’t do me wrong
We just smile and sing my song
And together, we can be here just the same

Cuz I love you, I love you
And I love you, I love you
And I love you, I love you
Don’t you cry

And I love you, I love you Mom
And I love you, I love you Dad
I love you, don’t say goodbye

Stop and hear the mystery
Space and time and death don’t read
I’m smiling and I’m laughing with you now

Cuz there’s no sense of time you see
So just right now you’re here with me
And we’re racing through the sky from cloud to cloud

We’re dancing like the schools of old
Back then I was bad but then I got soul
We’re swinging and we’re grooving like it’s 1965

I know it makes us cringe to say
We’ll understand it all someday
And we’ll wonder why we ever, ever cried

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