Poems by Joshua

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All people need to know is that love is under every rock; in every puddle, every raindrop, and every tear. Love is in our clothes and on every piece of paper. We have to find in ourselves the love that is already around us before we can see the love that’s already there.


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I am who I am.
I am who you were,
or who you will be.
I am whatever you see in me.

Once I’m gone, who will know,
What my life had to show?

Will I be seen as thoughtful?
Will I be seen as thankful?
Will I be remembered as wonderful?
Or just that guy who was over six feet tall?
Will I even be remembered at all?

I do what I can in any case,
To provide advice, and give people space,
Though sometimes I feel as irritating as that untieable shoelace,

I do – do what I can, in any case,
For anyone willing to look me in the face,
And if I’m wrong in what I do,
I will put aside my pride and apologize to you.

I do become angry; I do often feel sad,
But these depressions are a part of a life that makes me glad,
Don’t be afraid to dance when people are around,
Don’t shy away, afraid to make a sound,
They’re just as scared as you,
It took me quite a while to catch that clue.

Once you see your value to me,
You will never again be,
Asking me, who I am or what I will be,
We are one and the same, you and I,
And though death may take us we will never die,
For I’m only a soul, like yourself,
Just another book on the shelf.

And though losses I will have, I am surely certain,
That on life’s stage, beyond the curtain,
My destiny will be found with great discernity,
For what we do in life echoes in eternity.

– Joshua’s epitaph –
The final two stanzas of Who I Am, subtitled “Alive in Christ,” are inscibed on his headstone at Magnolia Springs Cemetery near Kirbyville, TX

In his lifetime, Joshua also began writing a spiritual warfare novel, yet to be titled. The beginning can be found here:

Joshua’s Spiritual Warfare Novel – (Incomplete)

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