Poems by his Friends

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I never really knew that friends could mean so much. I knew that
they were important and that they were great to have, but the big
picture wasn’t quite exactly clear. Joshua helped me a lot with that. He showed me how to be a more open person to everyone, and he showed me just how valuable a friendship can be. I love and miss him a lot, so I wrote this for him.
Nicole – When I Met You

One Boy Can Make a DifferenceBy Kayla Currie – © 2002 Read

From the Ground UpBy Kayla Currie – © 2002 Read

When I Met YouBy Nicole Bauer – © 2002 Read

We’ll Never Forget You Until The Very Last Day – A Eulogy
By Pierre Neal, Jonah Cherry, Ben McClelland, and Chris Walker – © June 23, 2002

A person we love and will never forget
He’s Joshua Blake Hargrove the one that encouraged us not to quit
A minister at heart a brother to a few
You may be physically gone but we’ll never forget you,

You’re as big as a teddy and wouldn’t harm a fly
You’re what I would call the real Mr. Nice Guy
Josh we all love you and this is very very true
You may be physically gone but we’ll never forget you,

Your actions inspired by the Lord up above,
Your heart filled solely with happiness and love
Faithfully following the Lord’s righteous way
Smiling and laughing all through the day,

With a hearty laugh and a glance from an eye,
You could immediately know, he was an awesome guy,
Being with Josh made you want to sing,
But with you being gone, now, makes the tears sting,

You’re in my heart, and I know you’re in heaven
Your kind heart and believable taste makes you a legend
The time spent with you helpful and knowledgeable never being a waste
I love you with all my heart Joshua Hargrove
Even through the tears, pain, dismay and sorrow,
No matter what you’ll be in heart forever and tomorrow,

We can never forget you, and your impression on our lives
Your spirit will always be with us, as through this world we strive
To follow your example. Like the apostle Paul, in his letters to abroad
If we do as you have done, we will be closer to God.

Always like a brother, and a friend to the end
You were always there to help, a broken heart to amend
Caring always for others, unselfish, and kind
Forever and ever, you’ll be on our minds

From all the friends and to all of you
Josh isn’t gone he’s always with you
Groves to you and this we say
We’ll be with you always until the Very Last Day!