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John 17:1-19
Jesus prays for His followers.
Jesus prays for the world as a whole.
Luke 22:39-46
Jesus prays for Himself.

“Open” video by Rob Bell

Don’t ask God to feed someone who’s hungry, if you have plenty of food.
Prayer isn’t a formality, we should pray unceasingly. Prayer is meditating, reflecting, listening…
Prayer is tapping into the same energy that created the universe.

When God created, He enabled His creation to do likewise. The Creation is an ever-continuing process in which we continue His work by filling the earth with more of the same. Through prayer we have the power to speak life, to create, to share the blessings of God and the wonders of His creation. Often we ask why God doesn’t answer our prayers. Why doesn’t He? Will we ever really know?

Maybe not.

There are many times we will be hurt – many times we will face situations we don’t understand. However, God eternally promises us peace. He offers us the grace to accept His will in our lives and in the world around us.

What are some realistic things that we can do to help others with an understanding of prayer and an understanding of God?

We must all learn to listen. Without taking the time to just stop and pay attention to who God really is, we will continue to miss out on His reality. Why do we brush aside opportunities to encounter others for Christ? It takes a boldness to step out and reveal the love that God so openly exposes to us.

God’s relationship with us is not intended to be a series of chance encounters, our spirituality should be intentional, purposeful, and meaningful. As Christians we need to listen and and learn or we’re missing out on all that He has to offer us. He has the answers if we will just open up our hearts and receive what He is offering.