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Tonight’s Bible Study begins with Rob Bell’s “Shells” video, produced as a part of the Nooma series.

So much of our life we spend moving, yet the world is still passing them by
In the book of Mark, Peter tells Jesus that others are looking for Him, to which Jesus responds, “Let’s leave.”

Jesus doesn’t do everything.

He keeps moving to teach and reach more people. His destination at the time was Jerusalem. Along the way He did what He could, but He could not do everything. He had to said no because He had already said yes to something else.

The world had plenty preconceived ideas for what He should be doing, but they were not what He knew He should be doing. He went against the expectations of the crowd to pursue His ultimate goal.

“A saint is someone who wills the one thing.”

If your God-given energies are not focused, you will get pulled off track, but if you stay on the one track your were destined for you can do the most good. Sometimes the enemy of the best is the “good.”

Rob conveys a story of his family at the beach. His boys run along the beach picking up fragmented seashells. For some time this continues until the family spots a starfish floating in the water. One son begins to run into the water to grab it, but quickly returns to shore. His brother and parents cheer him on to go back and get it so he charges back in twice more, but never quite makes it to the starfish before returning. When asked why he chooses not to catch the starfish, the young boy replies, “Because my hands are full of shells!”

How often do we become so busy picking up the petty, broken pieces of treasures that life has to offer that we miss the true rewards? Are we too busy with what we feel is important to realize what is really our goal? Have you ever gotten consumed with doing good, when there are greater things that need to be done?

God has a plan, a way of life, for each of us. He knows what we require as far as time to ourselves, time helping others, and time working for the kingdom, but we seldom go by His schedule. Without a focus on His will and His plan, we risk burning out and become useless altogether. God’s plan for us has our ultimate good at the forefront, but we pass it up for what we feel is needed at the time. We may be causing more harm than good, and may be losing the best.

We may be losing the best, by pursuing the good.

There are many, many things in everyday life contending for your focus. Do you what God’s plan is for you? What are you saying “yes” to now that may be keeping you from His primary purpose?

You have a specific purpose in this world, a specific calling, that you accept as a Christian to fulfill His Great Commission in your field of interests. Nurses, teachers, construction workers, welders… everyone has a way to live out His plan right where they are – a plan that they may be the only one capable of fulfilling. Let God use you in what you’re passionate about to serve His kingdom, rather than your own.

Let go of your broken seashells – your menial, humdrum, everyday patterns, and let God show you how to make the ultimate affect on this world. Let Him ignite you with the passions that will take you the farthest in life. Reach out and grab hold of His plan, letting go of your own.

John 7:1-9

Jesus went around Galilee, staying away from Judea on purpose because they wanted to kill Him. The time had not come for that to happen.

John 7:10-24

When the time came for Him to enter Judea, He confronted the issues of the people. By arriving at the correct time, He was able to serve the most good.

There are times when we need to pass by opportunities we think are right in order to arrive at the place God has for us to be.

Go for God’s best for you. He has unimaginable riches and blessings for your life, if you will only let go of the the broken pieces and the less-than-His-best pursuits that so easily take up your time.