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This week’s Bible Study was held at Senor Toro’s restaurant in Buna, as Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove were away on vacation in celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary. The Bible Study gang wishes them the very best on their trip and thanks Senor Toro’s for hosting our meeting.


Each year we start off with big plans and big resolutions for accomplishing big things. Losing weight, reading more, spending time with family and friends, and getting finances in order are just a few. We enjoy the winter months and try to get started on losing all of those holiday pounds we put on and maybe get to spend some time with our families at home since it’s too cold to get outside. The dieting dies off a couple months into the new year, especially when the Easter candy comes around, long after we’ve forgotten our commitments to bonding with our families. Summer rolls around and time at the lake and beach, along with other various vacations, replaces all of those year-end appreciations of what life has offered, and this state of oblivous continues until November’s Turkey Day arrives again.

Where does this leave our culture? Wallowing in a carelessness that shrugs off a beautiful world granted each human being to enjoy for his short existence here on Earth.

What gives?

In an environment of fast food, impulse buying, text messaging, and on-again off-again relationships, accepting life for what it’s worth and showing simple thankfulness is becoming a thing of the past.