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Each night we begin in prayer.

Please remember to stay in prayer faithfully (Paul urges us to pray without ceasing). Prayer is our most intimate point of communication with God, and an essential part of a successful life in Christ.

Genesis 3:15 (Begin with verse one if the context isn’t clear to you.)

Jesus will crush (and has) the serpent’s head, though satan attempted to bruise His heel.

Matthew 3

John declares to the priests that they are as snakes, which the axe of judgment is in place to cut down. John is later beheaded.

Matthew 27:19-23

The priests of Jesus’ era coerced the people so well that rather than Barabbas, a terrorist of his time, seeing the punishment he deserved they assigned death to an innocent man. When asked what crime Jesus had committed, the people merely repeated their plea of, “Crucify him!”


This moment contains a monumental occurrence in Jewish life. When the veil was torn in the temple, the requirement of sacrifice to gain entrance to the Holy of Holies was done away with.


Each of these are defining moments in the life of Christ. From His role in Creation through His time on the earth He created.

What are the defining moments in your life? Where has your life been changed, enlightened, etc? Where have you seen God at work, making you into what He intends you to be?

What have been your “Aha!” moments?

How is the world around you affected by the changes in your life? There should be a change in the atmosphere of your world as you go through every day. We should be the kind of people that others around us see that they are held to a higher standard when we’re there, and they should see us in a way that they want to live up to that standard.

Compromising should never happen.

Our peers should be challenged by the lives that we live.


Questions following the Study:

Does the Bible describe satan’s fall from Heaven?

Isaiah 14

Although there is some question of whether verses 12 and onward are referring to Lucifer or Babylon, the passage applies to either (as evidenced by the narration in Revelation of the conflict of the dragon and his subsequential casting from Heaven.)