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Luke 24:13-31

How often are we like the men on the road to Emmaus, who walked with Christ and yet had no knowledge of His presence? We walk our own ways through life. We may struggle; we may meet with great successes; however, we should all share in having Christ by our side as we walk along.

What did you think about while reading this passage?

Do you find it hard to focus on anything but the randomness of Jesus appearing to these two? Or were you perhaps simply captivated by the omnipresence of our Lord? Do you question how two disciples could be so very unaware that they were walking down the road with the King of kings? There are many ways to look at this story, but here’s one of the most important thought directions to take:

Are you watching for Christ to come back, or will you be caught just as unaware as these two men? It could be today or centuries from now, but the Bible warns us to remain constantly ready for His return. As movies like “2012” come around, we are reminded of just how close the end of time could be.

How did these men deal with Jesus?

Can you be sure that you’ve never had an experience like this in your life? Has Jesus passed through your life without you even noticing?

Or, have you patterned your life toward walking with Christ every day?

There are constantly situations in which we may be encountering the supernatural. The Bible instructs us to be kind to everyone we meet, as we never know when we might be ministering to angels without knowing it.

Do you ever wish you were walking closer to Jesus? Are you taking steps to make that a reality? We as believers can walk in confidence with God by our side, but that only happens when we choose to not give up on Him and make Him the focus of our lives.

How many times have you engaged in “excellent” conversation? (Philippians 4:8) Have you aimed to make your life what God wants it to be rather than what the world tries to make it?

As we walk through life, we should strive to live to be our very best. Life is difficult, and sometimes it’s caused by the people we’re walking closest to – our family and friends, but if we stay focused on God we can reach a place of realization of God like we’ve never imagined. We have control over what we make of our lives, so we pray that you will choose to make your life one of devotion to God.